Get Rewarded For Your Loyalty

Start earning points for every purchase or referral when you join our rewards program. Each time you buy a uniform, duffle bag, or t-shirt or refer someone that purchases from us you get one step closer to  FREE items by earning points


Earn points for every item you purchase.

1 Point for Every $15 Spent


Tell your friends and coworkers all about Beast Up and when they make a purchase you’ll score points. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can have.

50 Points


Share a photo of your Beast Up uniform and share your love for quality team gear and earn points.

10 Points per Photo*


We want to hear from you! Share your experience with our products and customer service when you leave a review.

10 Points

Using Your Points

Add products to your cart, checkout, and use your points! You can choose to use a select amount of your points or apply all your points at once. All your discounts are applied at checkout. Each point earned is equivalent to $1.

Swap Out Rewards for Discounts or Free Stuff

Use your points for discounts on purchases or save them and swap them out for FREE items.

Get 1 Point for every $15 Spent

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the points are yours to keep and use with no expiration date.

Points can be used to reduce the cost of your cart.  In essence they can be used as discounts and if used right  equal free stuff.

Each point is equivalent to one US Dollar.

Yes you can use your points at anytime once they are available in your account.  If you small amount of points they can be used to reduce your cart total or if you have enough you can cover your entire cart amount giving you free stuff.

Sign into my account and create a support ticket.  Provide details such as date of purchase, name of referral, or any other helpful information to help use look into the issue.  

Reward points can only be used towards discounts and do not carry a real cash value.

Not a problem at all.  Feel free to contact us by visiting our customer service page.

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