Care Guide


Beast Up recommends the following washing, drying, and storage procedures to prolong the appearance, and extend the life of your Beast Up uniforms.



When receiving Beast Up apparel you should pull each item out of the package and store it on a hanger.

This is important to assure there is no residual wetness from manufacturing and avoid molding.



For uniform longevity and optimal results wash uniforms immediately after each wearing. If washing cannot take place immediately after wearing, they should be rinsed out and hung on rust proof hangers.

Color migration may occur if wet uniforms are piled for laundry, or placed in a travel bag while wet or damp.


DO NOT wash in warm or hot water, wash ONLY in cold water.

DO NOT wash whites and colors together.

DO NOT use chlorine bleach.

DO NOT use fabric softener.


USE a mild detergent (ph under 10.0ph)

Minimize the mechanical action by keeping the water level high in the washing machine.



For best results allow garments to hang dry.

DO NOT dry with ANY heat.

If you must use a dryer, use an air dry or damp dry setting. High heat can cause shrinking.



Uniforms should be completely dry before storing. To prevent mildew and yellowing, uniforms should be stored in a cool, dry area protected from sunlight and florescent light.

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